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Benefits of Non-Traditional Retirement for Athletes

If you are a professional athlete, your average career span is about 10 years. That number varies depending on the sport. For example, the average time for a player in the NFL is 3.5 years whereas the average for the NBA is about 5. That isn’t a long time! According to these numbers, many athletes will be looking for additional work or retiring by about 30. You have another 40-50 years of life before heading off to other shores.

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A Guide To Caring for Aging Family Members

There are over 43 million caregivers in the United States. According to an AARP 2015 report, these unpaid caregivers provide over 470 billion dollars worth of value based on the time and services performed. A new addition to the family structure, caregivers are often spouses, stay-at-home parents, children, or other relatives who provide health services to aging family members.

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How To Prioritize Long-Term Saving Goals

Saving is a journey. It is not something that can be accomplished in a week, a month, or even a year. It is a practice rooted in discipline and executed with diligence and strength. There are so many milestones that people save for: a home, a college fund, retirement, etc. But how can you do it all?

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Merry & Bright: Tips For Holiday Saving

The holidays can be a wonderful time. A time to rekindle family bonds, share new friendships, and welcome people into your home. Everyone has different ways to spend the holiday season but people often fall into similar traps-- overspending is the main culprit.

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The Next Play: How To Navigate A Career Change

Your life as an athlete has been exciting. You’ve cultivated a strong work ethic, determination, grit, and perseverance-- skills that everyone desires and spends years trying to attain. You’ve fought battles, grown as an individual, but more importantly learned to grow as a team, a unit of like-minded people pursuing the same cause: victory.