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Merry & Bright: Tips For Holiday Saving

The holidays can be a wonderful time. A time to rekindle family bonds, share new friendships, and welcome people into your home. Everyone has different ways to spend the holiday season but people often fall into similar traps-- overspending is the main culprit.

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The Next Play: How To Navigate A Career Change

Your life as an athlete has been exciting. You’ve cultivated a strong work ethic, determination, grit, and perseverance-- skills that everyone desires and spends years trying to attain. You’ve fought battles, grown as an individual, but more importantly learned to grow as a team, a unit of like-minded people pursuing the same cause: victory.

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Setting Better Financial Goals and Sticking to Them

Strategy goes beyond the desire to accomplish a single task, or the resolve toward single, isolated projects. It is a translation for the way you want to live your life. Setting your financial goals in tandem with a strong intention will increase your likelihood for success because it is something you believe in and becomes inherent to your lifestyle.

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Rent or Buy?

If you had asked me ten years ago whether I thought you should rent or buy, I would have suggested you buy if you were planning to stay in your new home for two or more years. Houses were selling quickly, and home values were consistently high. However, after the 2008 housing crash, that all changed.